Hey Christian, please keep in mind it is okay if you cannot explain every single thing about God or the Bible…

Read the book of John, these dudes walked with Jesus every single day and there is mad scriptures where it says, “and they did not understand what Jesus was saying”.

Yet they knew enough to know He was the messiah and the Truth AND they kept following him anyway. Learn all you can, Study all you can, pray without ceasing, but never be ashamed because you cant answer every single question or know every answer about God.

How many of ya’ll know every single thing about how your cars’ engine works, about how to build an engine and put it together from scratch?

Does that stop you from driving your car because you don’t know everything? Even after reading the manual?

Does that mean the car is not real? Of course not, you know enough about cars to know they are a reliable means of transportation.

I know enough about God to know, He’s reliable, faithful and takes me way further than from A to B. I’m always learning and will continue learn, but I will never know everything.

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