Hailing from the upstate, New York city of Rochester, is the relentless force known as Prafit Josiah. This gifted wordsmith is on a mission. He wants to reach the world bridging the divide between the timeless essence of Boom-Bap-infused Hip-hop and the unwavering tenets of Christian ideology embedded within his lyrics.

Unveiling his artistic prowess in the early 90s, Josiah made his inaugural mark as an integral member of rap group known as PRAFITZ (Prophets). This dynamic collective, graced the world with two compelling albums before their paths diverged in 2002, forever etching an unforgettable legacy into the rich fabric of Christian Hip-hop history.

For the past three decades Prafit Josiah has been honing his craft. However, in the year 2016 his cousin fell victim to an unspeakable act of violence, he was murdered. Yet, from the ashes of this heart-wrenching event, a remarkable transformation took place, breathing new life into Prafit Josiah’s music.

Fueled by an unwavering determination to leave a Godly impact on both his immediate community and the vast audience that could embrace his musical offerings, Josiah once again grasped the microphone, rekindling his divine purpose.

“Hip-hop (Christian or not) is no longer just a young mans sport, I’m here to speak on adult things, talk about life and point people to God. Oh yeah, don’t expect me to conform or try to fit in, I’m doin me.”

– Prafit Josiah

What treasures await those who delve into the world of Prafit Josiah? Brace yourself for unfiltered lyricism that unveils the raw truths of existence. Be prepared to be immersed in captivating beats that pulsate with a vibe that is passionate and emotional. Lastly, expect to witness a masterful display of rhymes and flows that harken back to the revered era of Hip-hop known as the ‘Golden Age’.


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