God Made Me Do It (Deluxe) – Digital Download

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Prafit Josiah’s latest project, ‘God Made Me Do It’ (Deluxe) , is a 19-track, story-telling, classic Hip-Hop elements filled album, with messages and scenarios centered around faith in adulthood. This album contains all Remastered tracks from the original, Remixes, New tracks, New features that were not on the original and More!!

To be clear, it is a well constructed album, with skits and all, which in and of itself is a rarity today, but should be expected given one of his mantras, “Hip-hop, Christian or not, is no longer just a young man’s sport.”

He pridefully represents God and adulthood, noting that the current “church” norm is to portray Hip-hop as youth-oriented.”  – James Rosseau (Trig) [CEO Holy Culture Radio – Sirius XM channel 154]

Don’t take Prafit Josiah’s word for it, listen to what “THEY” say about his album.

Listen to the Sampler below to hear a taste…