WHY ASK WHY????!!!

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Instead of asking Why? Why are these things happening to me? Why are things not going as I planned? Why does so and so prosper and I don’t?

We should be asking WHAT? What else can I do? What can I learn from this situation? What will I do when this time passes? (it can’t last forever)

What will be my motivation?

The past few years of being in a new city, trying to take care of my family, trying to accomplish my goals… All these things has put stress on my brain and in my thoughts, added muscle to my spirit and has caused me to realize there are many things outside of my control.

I’ve found peace in long conversations with God, good movies, laughing at comedians, talking to my son (who is always striving to be just like me… Lol), talking to my wife and taking breaks (I work a lot, pretty much everyday of the week, so taking breaks are needed)

Lets learn from our situations. Asking Why? Will usually just frustrate you, but asking WHAT? Will usually cause you to think about what’s next and not complain as much…

Move Forward! Today is Not the Day to Give Up!

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