Are You Making An Impact??!!

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So I was going through some old folders and papers and found an email that was sent to my group ‘Prafitz’ (Prophets) back in 1999.

As you can see the email (below) was from Chris Lassiter. Before receiving this email we had sent Chris a tape of some of our music as he stated that he was no longer listening to secular Hip-hop and needed new tunes.

We quickly sent him a tape for FREE (I think?). This was almost 20 years ago, but I don’t believe we charged him for it.

Seeing this email almost 20 years later, really got me thinking about how I want my current music to have IMPACT today as it did in the past. Our tape provided Chris an opportunity to be a witness and to stand proud on his beliefs without people telling him that he was a cornball or having him feel ashamed and being laughed at for his beliefs.

This is what I believe Christian Hip-hop should do, make people feel proud to be a Christian. Also, provide them an opportunity to be a witness OR just be done in such excellence that even non-Christians recognize it, hopefully planting a seed.

Either way I believe our music should have IMPACT.

Are you a Christian Musician?

Is your music having IMPACT?

Leave a comment and let me know.

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