Is it Okay to Brag about God??

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Nashville, TN (March 30, 2018) – We live in a day and age where no one wants to offend anyone. Everyone has their own TRUTH. I often hear people make the statement, “Tell YOUR truth.”

While I do understand the sentiment, the fact is everybody can’t be right. There aren’t multiple truths, there is only one Truth. Now there may be many perspectives or viewpoints, but Truth, is in fact Truth.

This becomes difficult when you want to speak about religion as there are many faiths and many religions that point to a god or gods. Obviously, no one wants to disrespect anyone’s religion or belief, but all religions or beliefs cannot be true.

So should those of us who are considered religious or people of faith just shut up or only speak to like-minded individuals? I don’t think so, just like anything else in this world that you believe has value, you should not be afraid to share your thoughts. It shouldn’t matter what the topic is.

Whether you’re sharing your beliefs on faith, religion or God, as long as you are not disrespecting or belittling anyone, I believe you should feel free to have fruitful conversation and dialogue with all who will listen.

So, is it Okay to Brag about God? Let’s get specific, what about in Christian Hip-hop (CHH) music?

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Hip-hop music since the inception of the emcee has always been about having a super braggadocios’ personality on the mic. This is in Christian Hip-hop (CHH) music as well, some (not me) may say too much.

If I’m truly going to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I heard a current CHH song that could serve as an anthem or celebration of God just being God. You know what I mean? I guess that’s NOT cool anymore.

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Well apparently, as of Good Friday, March 30, 2018, there has been a shift.  Prafit Josiah a newcomer to the genre (as of 2016) has dropped a new single, “My God is Dope”.

Right from the beginning Josiah says, “Yo… in case you ain’t know, My God is Dope!”

Then immediately comes the hook which is super catchy and grabs your attention right out the gate. In every verse Prafit Josiah shines a ginormous spotlight on God with lines like, I must confess \ He’s doper than sex \ and my wife is HOT \ so that’s saying a lot \ I can’t stop \ He controlling my life But I surrendered it \ and guess What? I get the BENEFIT”

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Is it Okay to Brag about God?? Of course it is!! Let’s do more of this, shout out to Prafit Josiah this song was impressive.

Josiah is currently working on his debut album “God Made Me Do It” , set to release later this year. Go Download AND Stream ‘My God is Dope’ on Spotify or iTunes Now!!

For more info on Prafit Josiah, go visit his web-site at:

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