Is Christian Rap or Spiritually Themed Music the Future of Hip-hop?

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Pause for a moment and think about CyHi the Prynce newest release, “No Dope On Sundays” , Eminem’s newest single “Walk on Water” , Snoop dropping a Gospel Album next year, or how the Artist NF (who happens to be Christian) topped the Billboard 200 Chart (at the number 1 position) with his New Album ‘Perception.’

Nashville, TN (November 22, 2017) – It sure seems like Hip-hop is becoming more acceptable of religious themes and people in general. Perfectly timed for this Hip-hop climate, Prafit Josiah arrives with a New Single ‘Mine Already’ available now everywhere online. ‘Mine Already,’ touches a bit on the trap vibe, but lyrically Prafit Josiah impresses with incredible Wordplay and flow on the track. Not to mention the smooth vocals of R&B crooner Constantine on the hook add extra sauce to this musical masterpiece.

Listen to a snippet of ‘Mine Already’ below and let us know what you think!!

Unfazed by “Christian Rap” or “Rapper who is Christian” titles, Prafit Josiah just wants to make good music and let it speak for itself. He has no problem being called a Christian Rapper as he feels that’s the best way to describe him.

“It’s 2017, with rappers like Lecrae, NF, Bizzle, Eshon Burgundy and many others, Christian Rap or Rappers who are Christian are no longer synonymous with being corny, wack or out of touch, in fact we may be better than your favorite secular rapper topping the charts…”

Prafit Josiah

Peep this video of Prafit Josiah’s previous single “Keep it Movin” in a Line 4 Line competition with Jay-Z’s song “Smile” on the TrackStarz Radio Show.

Josiah started rapping way back in 1993 and had been writing and recording on and off until 2011. He actually never thought he’d ever pick up the mic again, to let Josiah tell it, God had a different plan.

Tragedy struck Prafit Josiah’s family in early 2016; his cousin was murdered. This event sparked the beginning of Prafit Josiah picking the mic back up and seeking to have positive Godly impact on the people around him and potential listeners of his music.

Prafit Josiah is currently working on his debut album “God Made Me Do It” set to release in the Spring / Early Summer of 2018. Go Download AND Stream ‘Mine Already’ on Spotify or iTunes Now!!

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