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So about a month ago I posted some tweets to my Twitter Account. My Goal? To find out from the main content providers in the Christian Rap industry (as small as it is), how an unsigned artist like myself or any one really could get their attention.


Up until this point I pretty much considered it impossible.


Read my Tweets below:

Out of the 4 people I reached out to, 2 of them responded with great advice. @DJWadeO and @RepDaKingMagI wasn’t actually expecting a response from any one.


You see I had previously submitted music to 2 out of 4 and never heard back, so I was expecting the same thing to happen again, #NoResponse. So imagine how surprised I was when I did get a response, with great advice at that!


Check DJ Wade-O’s advice and response on how to get his attention.



When asked by @newselph what is considered great Music?

DJ Wade-O said this…

Lastly, this is what @RepDaKingMag had to say…


I have to agree with what @RepDaKingMag had to say. I don’t think only making good/great music will get you noticed at all. There are tons of awesome musicians and artists who never get heard because they are in a sea of people who are mediocre.


I agree with DJ Wade-O and RepDaKingMag on this: Making Good/Dope music consistently and having great PR or promotion is what it’s going to take, PLUS everything I mentioned initially.


**Press Releases (Professionally created of course)

**Paid Advertisements

**Personal hookups (Gotta use your connections & relationships in a positive way right?) 


I also think you have to be careful NOT to be frustrated, irritated or start giving up because you’re NOT seeing the responses you want to see. At the end of the day if you’re supposed to be in CHH, pray, follow Christ and listen, He will lead you to where He wants you to be.


Stay Blessed!! I’m Out!!

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