A devout “born again” Christian, Prafit Josiah lives life according to what he believes is God’s plan. Patience, experience and life have carved this man into one of the many hardworking musicians developing intense and imaginative music.

His musical roots began with Hip-hop, some of his favorite artists were/are A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Rakim, Jeru The Damaja and many others. Nowadays though, you’ll find Josiah listening to alot of Christian Hip-Hop (CHH). Some of his current favorite artists are Eshon Burgundy, Jackie Hill Perry, Swift, Sho Baraka, DEE-1, Bizzle and a few others.

If you ask Josiah, he’ll describe his music as CHH or Christian Rap. He started rapping way back in 1993 and had been writing and recording on and off until 2011. He actually never thought he’d ever pick up the mic again, but God had a different plan. 
Tragedy struck Prafit Josiah’s family in early 2016; his cousin was murdered. This event sparked the beginning of Prafit Josiah picking the mic back up and seeking to have Godly impact on the people around him and potential listeners of his music.

My music is like my life; multi-faceted, you’ll hear songs about my family, life, death, how I wish the world was better, different, etc. all from a Christian perspective.”
-Prafit Josiah

Prafit Josiah graduated from SUNY college at Oneonta with a Bachelors Degree in Music Industry / Business. Since graduating he started a Music Publishing company (Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC). Naz-Sect Publishing, LLC has placed music on VH1’s “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” show , Dancing with the Stars, Ellen Degeneres Show, USA Network, NBC Universal, American Idol, Fox Sports, NFL Films, ABC Network, WWE, Inc., MTV2, NBC Sports, Eurosport2 and AlliSports.com to name a few.

No matter how you put it Prafit Josiah is an artist like no other. He rhymes like a blend of so many artists that it’s hard to compare him to others. You can tell he comes from a time when lyrics actually meant something and words were important, his lines are irregular, unpredictable and well thought out.

Armed with the knowledge of the music industry, copyright law, music production, songwriting, audio engineering and basic business practices, Josiah is working on a new album expected to be released in 2019.

Some say his music is Hip-Hop in its truest form, while others just simply call it Christian Rap; but no matter what you call it or how you label it, after hearing the music of Prafit Josiah you will definitely be hungry and thirsty for more…