60 Reasons Why My Wife is Dope!!

60 Reasons Why My Wife is Dope!!

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60 Reasons Why My Wife is DOPE!!

Last year my wife wrote an awesome blog post with a similar title about me, I didn’t have a web-site at the time, but vowed to myself that I would write one about her as soon as I got the chance, well I finally got my chance.

So check it out, 60 Reasons why my Wife is Dope!! (These are in no particular order)

1. My wife cooks better than or equivalent to your best cooking grandmother
2. My wife makes the best CornBread stuffing hands down
3. My wife Fly
4. My wife looks fly with or without make up
5. My wife treats me like a man, not her son and not a clown, a Man.
6. My wife honestly doesn’t know how fly she is.
7. I know my wife really loves me
8. I can stare at my wife for hours and get lost in her beautiful eyes
9. My wife Loves Jesus and shows it through actions

10. I can wake my wife up in the middle of the night look her in the face and honestly say, “Wow, you are beautiful.”

11. My wife loves and takes care of our kids
12. My wife listens to me

13. My wife gives me a chance to get away and relax when I’m tired from work or just stressed out about different things

14. My wife prays for me
15. My wife has her own business
16. My wife has her own mind
17. My wife is not afraid to speak her mind

18. After we have an argument, my wife doesn’t stay mad for hours or days

19. Sex with my wife is AMAZING!!!

20. My wife has a great sense of direction, when I get lost, she knows where we are LOL

21. When I take the lead in the home my wife doesn’t block my God given position
22. My wife is actually pretty funny
23. My wife is my Best Friend

24. My wife and I have the most awesome inside jokes, people always wonder what we be laughing about

25. My wife actually trusts me
26. My wife doesn’t give me the 3rd degree if I don’t show up when expected
27. My wife knows I got her and my families back
28. My wife knows and recognizes that I’m a good man
29. My wife loves my music

30. My wife is not afraid to tell me that she doesn’t like certain songs or beats I produced

31. My wife is honest
32. I daydream and nightdream about having sex with my wife even if we just had sex

33. My wife is not afraid to try new things

34. My wife makes me try new things, where I normally wouldn’t, sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t, but because of her I’m definitely a more well rounded person

35. My wife loves to travel and EAT, So do I
36. My wife watches Marvel movies with me

37. My wife always sides with me when I tell a story, even when I’m wrong, “I’m like nah it was my fault…” She be like, “Well ok, but still…” LoL

38. Did I mention my wife can cook? (Family and Friends can attest to this as well)

39. My wife actually listens to me when I offer her advice regarding her business, her thoughts on different things etc.

40. My wife is super feminine, but not afraid to just be regular too.

41. My wife can do her own hair (saving me tons of money, LoL)
42. I love my wife’s natural beauty
43. I love my wife’s natural hair
44. My wife is dope… Just because.
45. My wife can sing and write songs very well
46. My wife is very talented
47. My wife is a great writer and speaker

48. My wife doesn’t make fun of me in public or put me down like I see other women do their men, (we go home and joke on each other LoL!!)

49. My wife makes sure we do things together as a family, family is very important to us

50. My wife and I been married for 14+ years and she is still fly to me
51. My wife is classy

52. My wife will ask me if I think what she’s wearing is okay, (she doesn’t want to mis-represent me or our family in public)

53. My wife knows random facts about a myriad of things (which is weird, but still cool)

54. Did I say Sex with my wife is AMAZING!!!??? I meant to say, she got some serious skills (I’m getting excited right now just thinking about it.)

55. My wife is just as mentally and spiritually appealing as she is physically
56. When I’m out with my wife I know other men wish they were me

57. My wife is Godly (This is super attractive to me, I always wanted a Godly woman)

58. My wife doesn’t accept the status quo, she tries to break down barriers

59. My wife knows her God given role in our marriage and doesn’t view it as “less than”

60. My wife has enough qualities that this list could go on forever…


You can go check my wife out at NaturallyStellar.com and read the post she wrote about me here…

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  1. God has blessed you Fam I know when it’s time God has the one for me hey I might need some of that cornbread stuffing Js ?

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